Milos Eyes

By Lissa Bachner


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The extraordinary bond between Lissa Bachner, a young blind woman and Milo, a neglected, frightened horse, helped them overcome staggering odds to become one of America’s most inspiring, successful riding teams in the world of show jumping.

Why isn’t this a movie yet?

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Lissa Bachner

Lissa Bachner was born with a passion for horses and won her first blue ribbon at age five. Other awards would follow as a young rider, and for years Lissa trained with jumpers, tackling more difficult leaps, and working to perfect her ​ride.

​When blindness struck in her teens, it appeared her ​passion for riding would come to an end. How could she ​jump hurdles when she could barely​ navigate through her own home?

But success, trust, and love came to Lissa when her trainer convinced her to buy a “diamond in the rough” from Germany. On New Year’s Eve, Milo arrived at the barn, frightened and neglected. Taking one look at his shaking, filthy body, Lissa promised Milo that he would only know kindness. In return, Milo took special care of her in the ring. Through countless eye surgeries and the many months of training and work, Lissa and Milo formed a magic bond that made them inseparable. And winners.

With effortless humor and penetrating compassion, Lissa weaves a story of unfaltering faith in Milo, and the unconditional love they shared.

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Milo’s Eyes in the News

Blind equestrian overcomes impossible odds, forms extraordinary bond with horse

Have you ever seen someone on the back of a 1,200-pound horse jump a fence? Well, Lissa Bachner is doing it blind. Bachner began losing her vision at a young age

Lissa Bachner: Blind Trust and an Incredible Partnership

Most hunters count strides between the jumps, but that’s not easy for blind rider Lissa Bachner. Imagine entering the show ring and only seeing the jump colors with one eye at close distance.

How Lissa Bachner Overcame Impossible Odds with her ”Seeing Eye Horse”, Milo

Lissa Bachner, a legally blind rider, has been ranked among the country’s leading amateur equestrians with one of the most incredible stories to date.


Michael M

One of the best books I have ever read.


Alex K

Why isn’t this a movie yet?



One of the best books I have ever read. If I could give it 6 stars, I would!

John W

Love, love, love – for and by a Mom, a horse, family, trainers, friends and life!


Kd L

Amazing story of courage, love and conviction.


Lynda F

Heartwarming true story!!!


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I can’t cross the street by myself. Nor do I know what I look like.

But give me a horse and eight fences and I am unstoppable. In fact, I am one of the world’s top, legally blind equestrians. Despite a debilitating disease that left me blind in one eye and threatened to do the same to the other,  I continued to compete at the highest level.

Though I strove for perfection, my riding fell short of excellence, and I blamed my disability for my failure. And then, one fateful day, a mistreated, filthy little horse came into my life. Taking a leap of faith, I named him Milo, and promised him he’d only know kindness and love.

Over the next year, I nursed Milo back to health and our bond grew so strong, I’d swear we could read each other’s minds. I knew our relationship was unique, and I could hardly wait to begin competing on him. However, the countless delays, painful surgeries, and the battle to keep what little vision I had took its toll. But Milo was always there to rest his head on my shoulder and breathe softly into my ear.

After each failed surgery and every disappointing doctor’s visit, Milo’s strong shoulders were the ones I cried on. Even after going completely blind, I refused to let go of him. With the love and support of my mother, I made it back into the saddle. Milo rose to the challenge and with him as my “seeing eye horse,” I finally became the rider I longed to be.

My journey with Milo is more than a tale of hope and perseverance. It’s a love story. And while love may not conquer all, Milo proved that I didn’t need eyes to see.​

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